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Easy Microwave Doodh Peda (Condensed Milk Peda)

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This is a quick peda recipe and takes just 3-5 minutes. A tasty recipe for when you are in a hurry and still want to make a dessert or mithai. I make this for Diwali. Sweets are fine if you don’t eat it on a daily basis and also know when to stop. Festivals, birthdays and special occasions definitely deserve a sweet treat.

Ingredients for Microwave Doodh peda:

  • Instant Dry Milk (Milk Powder) – 2 cups (150gm)
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk – 1 can (aprrox 396gm)
  • Unsalted Butter – 110g (1 stick)


  1. In a microwave safe dish, melt the butter, then add in the milk powder and condensed milk and mix well.
  2. Cook in the microwave for a total of  3 minutes, mixing well after every minute.
  3. After 3 minutes, mix well again and leave aside for it to cool down.
  4. After it has cooled down enough for you to handle(say 5-10 mins), grease your hands and make balls (You can also take the entire mixture and flatten it on a greased sheet with a rolling pin and use different shapes (cookie cutters) to have cute shapes).
  5. Gently press the balls and flatten them a little and place a raisin or a sliver or pista/badam.

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Moong Dal Payasa (Moong ki kheer- Split Mung pudding in coconut milk)

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Another favorite from the family Mangalorean recipe box-the moong dal payasa is made for special occasions and festival feasts. Since I’ve been on a mission to try out (and publish on this blog) traditional Mangalorean recipes, this was undoubtedly the first thing that came to my mind as the sweet dish for this years Ganesh Chaturthi feast at home.
This is a protein- packed dessert and definitely a better sweet option for festivals than high- carb sweets like jelabis. Portion sizes should still be controlled.
Ingredients for Moong Dal Payasa:
  • Moong Dal: 1 cup
  • Jaggery: 1 1/2 cups (you could substitute with sugar,but jaggery gives the actual traditional taste)
  • Milk: 1 cup
  • Water:1 cup
  • Coconut milk: 1 cup
  • Salt:1/4th tsp
  • Saffron/Cardamom powder: a pinch (soak saffron in a little warm milk)
  • Cashews, raisins: a few(fried in a little ghee)
  • Ghee: 3tsp
  1. Roast the moong dal in a teaspoon of ghee till you get a pleasant aroma (do not let it brown).
  2. Add the milk and the water and bring it to a boil. Then simmer till the moong dal is well cooked, stirring occasionally.
  3. Once the dal is cooked add the jaggery, the saffron milk/ cardamom powder.
  4. Add the coconut milk and stir for a minute. Switch off.
  5. Serve moong dal payasa/kheer hot or a little warm garnished with the fried cahews, raisins and the remaining ghee.

NOTE: Do not add the jaggery/sugar at the beginning or else the dal will not cook (I learnt this the hard way the first time I made this!)

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Mango Peda

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Mangoes are one of the most loved fruits. It is rich in the antioxidant zeaxanthin and beta carotene, which is known to filter out harmful blue light rays and is thought to play a role in protecting the eyes and preventing cancer.

Sweets are an integral part of any festival and should be enjoyed occasionally and in moderation. When making/buying sweets for festivals, choose those are not fried and have protein and not just calories.

A peda is traditionally made by reducing milk in an open pan and then adding the required amount of sugar and flavoring. A lot of people use “khoa” which saves a lot of time. I decided to try it with ricotta cheese instead,and it actually turned out quite well!!
Ingredients for Mango Peda: (Makes about 4-6 nos.)

  • Ricotta cheese(fat free): 2 cups
  • Mango puree: 1 cup
  • Sugar: 6 teaspoons (or according to taste)
  • Cardamom powder: 1/4 teaspoon
  • Pistachio slivers/ Canned cherries/strawberries: for decoration


  1. Heat a non-stick pan and pour the mango puree along with the sugar and cardamom powder and saute till it the puree appears to be cooked.
  2. Add the ricotta cheese and stir continuously on medium flame till it becomes a thick mouldable mass.
  3. Allow to cool,then shape into desired shapes and garnish.