1. Tailor made Indian Diet (North Indian, South Indian) for:
    • Indian diet for Weight loss
    • Indian diet for Diabetes
    • Indian diet to reduce cholesterol
    • Indian diet for Renal patients (low sodium, low potassium, low protein, fluid restricted diets)
    • Indian diet chart to prevent Kidney stones from reoccuring
    • Indian diet chart for Gout (low purine diets)
    • Indian diet chart for kids (underweight, overweight, fussy or picky eaters)
    • Indian diet chart for anaemia (iron-rich diet chart)
    • Indian diet chart for women (PCOS, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, thyroid, lactation)
    • Indian diet chart for Gestational Diabetes
  2. Nutrition lectures for Indians/South Asians (India,Australia)
  3. Nutrition lectures for corporate companies,schools, rotary clubs (India, Australia)
  4. Healthy menu planning for corporate offices, schools, caterers.
  5. Nutrition articles (or nutrition content writer) for magazines, newspapers, websites, nutrition products.
  6. Nutrition Product reviews- we can review your product (has to be food/nutrition related)
  7. Calorie count- Nutrition calculations for recipes, restaurant menus (ideal for restaurant, websites, caterers, health food)